Are Sovereign Gold bonds a good investment?


All about Sovereign Gold Bonds:

India is the second-largest consumer of gold after China and the largest importer of Gold. Do you know that India imports around 800-900 tonnes of Gold annually? And in monetary terms, it could be at an average of INR 2trillion! Whoa, that’s huge, isn’t it? India’s Gold demand has seen a huge dip in the first quarter, due to the obvious reasons of lockdown and ban on air travel. Continue reading to know more about Sovereign Gold Bonds.

What are Sovereign Gold bonds? Are they better than physical gold? Gold ETF vs Sovereign Gold Bonds. Physical Gold vs Sovereign Gold Bonds #SovereignGoldBonds #Goldbees #goldbonds #goldloan #physicalgold #moneymantrawithJhilmil

What are the options available for investors, where the underlying asset is Gold?

1. Physical Gold:

While the easiest way of buying Gold is Physical Gold, but that is not a very prudent way of investment, now that there are better options. The money that you invest in physical gold, does not contribute to any economic growth, unlike investment in shares, bonds, and various other deposits. Along with it, there is always…

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