Are Aerosol Sunscreens Safe for Babies?


Are Aerosol Sunscreens Safe for Babies?

It was a beautiful, hot and sunny day at the Jersey shore. Our family was vacationing with my parents at their beach house. We had our brightly colored towels spread out on the beach, and the blue water was sparkling. I got the sunscreen spray can out and began spraying myself and members of my family with aerosol sunscreen and I started coughing. We all did. My nose got irritated and my eyes watered. I was felt physically uncomfortable as I tried to get everyone protected from the sunshine. It wasn’t until I did the research that I decided to stop using aerosol sunscreen altogether.

To be fair, aerosol sunscreens seem like an easy, more convenient alternative to lotion sunblock. You spray and go, right? There’s no muss, no fuss. Except that’s not even true! I noticed I was still…

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