An Open Letter to All Our Children Who are Understandably Anxious


Dear Anxious Children,

Let me first start off by saying, “I am sorry!” I am sorry that I don’t have the words to offer that will make things better and you less afraid. They did not give me a book of instructions when you were born, and even if they did, I am not sure if that manual would have a chapter on pandemics.

I’m sorry that we have forgotten that you are still kids. (Twenty20 @Jessxn.)

I am sorry that we adults have forgotten you are still kids

I am sorry that you are feeling lost, unheard, and perhaps even alone; as if the entire population of adults around you have gone insane. We have. We are so busy fighting with each other over whether to wear masks or to open schools or go virtual, that we are forgetting about you, the very people whom we are supposedly fighting for.

I am sorry for forgetting sometimes that while you may look like adults you are still far from being…

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