An Open Letter From a Concerned Mom to College Administrators


Dear College Administrators,

Let’s stipulate that we all care about the health of the students and that their return to school is the desired end goal for all of us. Your desire to have him back at school is only marginally outmeasured by mine. 

Please take care of him @dmonsegur via Twenty20

Let’s speak parent to parent

But I thought maybe for a moment we could just speak plainly as mom of a college kid to college administrator, who perhaps is also a parent. 

My son is a rising college sophomore, no better, no worse, no more deserving, and no less than his peers all over the country of the full college experience.

Let’s talk about him because he’s no different than any other 19-year-old boy. He’s a good kid, not one to make waves or break rules but on a good day he’s forgetful and sometimes lazy. 

Are you planning on reminding him to WEAR HIS MASK? Like every time he walks…

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