An advanced Kegel Exerciser to strengthen Pelvic floor : Perifit


Kegel Exerciser:

As a woman, I’m certain that you must have heard the word Kegel, Kegel Exerciser though you might have not practiced it yet. Most of us have known that one must do “Kegels” because they’re good for our pelvic health.

Have you ever experienced Urine Incontinence? Did sneezing, coughing, sudden laughter, running, exercising, lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, urine leakage? The reason is that during these activities the pressure on the abdomen increases, which in turn increases pressure on Bladder. When your pelvic floor is weakened, these muscles are not able to maintain the urethral closure, which results in urine leakages.

Pelvic organ prolapse is quite common, with around 50% of women facing some degree of prolapse[1], and it is due to the weakening of the pelvic support muscles. These muscles support the bladder, womb and even our bowel movements. Their…

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