Am I The Only Mom Whose Son Pulls Away When He Has A Girlfriend?


My son had his official first girlfriend in 9th grade. After weeks of feeling hurt and puzzled about why he was barely talking to me, why he pulled away when I tried to hug him, and why he told me to stop calling him “babe,” I learned (from my daughter) that he had a girlfriend.

Could that be it? Is that way everything I do makes him cringe and why he’s too good to hug his mom and return my “I love you”?

Whether my son is in love or not, I will always be his mom. (Twenty20 @tequila)

I don’t remember ignoring my dad when I had a boyfriend

I never remember ignoring my father when I had my first boyfriend, but there is nothing like motherhood to teach you that everyone deals with life differently. I gave him the space he rudely “asked” for, hoping things would go back to normal, but his stand-offish behavior persisted.

To say it affected me was an understatement. I was very…

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