Always Look for the Helpers; Here They Are


These days of fear and sadness may be terrifying but they also bring out the best in us. As confusion, uncertainty, and isolation have descended at Grown and Flown Parents we have witnessed moments of phenomenal kindness and generosity.

Always look for the Helpers. (@angela_sikiric via Twenty20)

It began with college kids needing to leave campus hastily. Hundreds of members stepped up and offered their homes both as way stations for those without dorm rooms and their garages for belongings that needed to be quickly stowed.

We saw Lisa Jacobson, the Founder and CEO of the well known test prep and tutoring company Inspirica offer our members 1,000 free (distance) tutoring sessions for the ACT or SAT. Her spaces filled up in minutes and our members flooded her with messages of gratitude.

Jacobson made this offer because, “I started my company Inspirica Test Prep 37 years ago.  I was…

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