Advice From a Rising College Senior


Summer 2020 may have looked a little different for many college students, it certainly did for me. I spent a long 5 months during the school year preparing my resume, editing cover letters and doing endless LinkedIn searches to find the perfect summer internships. I spent long hours at career services at Syracuse University going to workshops and career fairs to prepare for what they say is the most important time to land an internship-the summer before you enter senior year. And, I had a great internship lined up.

Here are my tips for finding an internship this fall. (Twenty20 @verakharlamovaphotagraphy)

The cancellation of my internship taught me a lot

When I got the call that my summer internship at ABC News was cancelled, I felt that all my time preparing for interviews, researching companies and doing endless networking had been a waste. I felt defeated and lost all motivation to…

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