According to This College Senior Don’t Bring These 10 Things to College


Are you having difficulty knowing what to bring to college? This is often a stressful time for incoming freshmen, but here’s a list of things you might think you need for your dorm room, but you probably won’t use very often, if at all. It is super important to remember that dorm rooms are typically very small and you will probably not have a lot of storage space.

Here are 10 things most freshmen don’t need to brig to college.

Here are 10 things better left at home

  • More than two bath towels

One thing I remember from my freshman year was that I really didn’t need more than two towels. The rest just sat in my closet while I would typically just rotate between the same two towels when one was being washed.

I would definitely recommend only bringing collapsible luggage that can be stored under your bed easily, because it will take up way less space than hardside luggage.

  • Unnecessary…

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