A Nurse On the Front Lines Asks Young People to DO THE RIGHT THING


Stephanie Duddy Weinwurm is a registered nurse who has a 4 year-old son and she is married to a firefighter/paramedic.

Yesterday she posted the following on her Facebook page:

“I’ve been wanting to post all weekend but I was too busy and exhausted, physically and mentally. I have been endlessly dressed in a gown and protective equipment that I am told will soon be harder and harder for me and my colleagues to get.

I was up close and personal with people (and, no…they are not all elderly like you may believe) who are fighting for their lives. And let me emphasize so that there is no doubt; the people I have been seeing are fighting for their lives!

What is happening at the hospital level is hard to describe. These are unprecedented times. It’s scary, it’s emotional, it’s tiring and yet we all rise to the occasion because it’s our job and our passion.

I know many of you are…

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