A Majority of Dads Report Growing Closer to Their Kids This Spring [New Research]


My husband has been gone all week on a work trip out of town (lucky duck). But even though we have been together 24/7 for three months and everyone in our house, including our geriatric guinea pig, would covet some privacy by now, my children began moping about their dad’s absence almost immediately after he left. 

“Where is Dad?!” they asked in confusion. 

It was a fair question after months of knowing exactly where he was at all times. But before the pandemic, I am not sure if my kids would have noticed he was gone for a few days. He spends time with each of them as much as he can, but he is usually at work until dinner time. With my kids’ individual school and activity schedules, they wouldn’t expect to see him that much. 

Research shows that dads are feeling closer to their kids during the pandemic. (Twenty20 Dads @webbrennan)

My kids really feel their father’s absence…

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