A Letter to You, From the Daughters of an Immunocompromised Father


Dear World,

I am writing this letter on behalf of me and my younger sister.

I am a high school senior and right now my world is being turned upside down. My classes occur online, my graduation is at stake, my prom dress is going to hang indefinitely in my closet, and my ability to watch high school sports has been taken away. At this point, so many things are uncertain. And all of this is because of a virus, COVID-19 to be exact.

Please help protect people like my dad. (photo via Elizabeth Broshears)

Still, I cannot help but feel that my senior year is the furthest thing from my mind. Because, regardless of the backlash I receive, I would rather my cap and gown hang uselessly than wear a wedding dress to walk down the aisle alone. I would rather receive my high school diploma in the mail than be forced to tell my children stories about their grandfather. 

Approximately 5 months ago my…

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