A Letter To My Youngest As He Enters His Last Year Of Middle School


Dear Youngest Child,

It hit me the other day as we were driving down the road and I was asking your older sister about driving classes, that you would be right behind her. There has been a long stretch of time when your “firsts” brought me comfort at each of your brother’s and sister’s lasts.

His last day of elementary school was hard, but knowing you, and therefore I, still had a few years left helped. When your sister went to her first dance and seemed so grown up, I was eased knowing you still had a few years left before you had a social life that took you away from me at night. 

This is your last year of middle school and I know what will happen next. (Twenty20 @SBphoto)

We are in the home stretch

We are in the home stretch. And while five years probably feels like a lifetime for you, I am hyper-aware of how fast it will fly by.

In fact, it was eleven years ago when we were…

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