A is for Arrival #A2ZChallenge


Hey baby girl, your arrival to this world has made the wait worth it!

When my mom was wheeled into the operation theatre on 2nd December 2019, little did I know how the big world would look like. I was literally pulled out from the Womb Inn’ – a safe haven for me. After my crying session and a quick meeting with my mom, a strange man whisked me away to the corner of a bright room. I was fascinated to see the huge lights. I wanted to catch them and kept stretching my arms as well as my feet towards them. Looking at my activities in the Operation Theatre, the paediatrician announced to my mom that I am going to be a gymnast. Now I was wondering what the hell is a gymnast!

Once my basic stats were noted down I was shifted to the recovery room with my mom. It was here that I started wondering where have I come from? There were a lot of people who came to greet and welcome…

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