A Group of Mothers I’ve Never Met Helped Me Send My Kid to College


Our normally quiet basement is a hub of activity since my husband decided to makeover the spare room for when our oldest daughter returns from college for visits. I’m going along with it, even though I’m more focused on getting her out the door.

This is the dance we’ve been practicing for years, understanding we don’t work through stress or parent the same way. But, very soon we will move our daughter on to a campus and then drive away with an empty car. Being first-timers is daunting enough, but the unknowns of the pandemic have added fears we never imagined.

We’ve seen each other through big milestones and now, our 2002 babies are starting college…another shared moment. ([email protected])

I find comfort and companionship with my internet friends

So, while he’s busy scrolling through his phone, looking for stand-up closets to hold the clothes, I’m scrolling through…

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