A Few Hopeful Words About Failure for the Class of 2020


My dad is a doctor by training but if you ask me, I would say that for most of his life, he was really a teacher. At least that is what he has been to me, my sister and brother for the last five decades.

Even though his methods could sometimes be overbearing, I consider myself lucky to have been on the receiving end for this long. Over the years, he has never asked me to do a lot for him. Except for one thing. He has always wanted to publish some of his parenting wisdom that he could be remembered by.

The power of failure, a message for the class of 2020. (TBKilman)

My dad has always shown me the way

Mostly because I think he doesn’t want us kids to forget it, but as I am getting older, I nostalgically think it is because he doesn’t want us to forget about him, now or ever. Which is why, with a graduation season rapidly approaching that may not have many real ceremonies, I am doing…

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