9 Things We Want You to Know


Dear Son,

It’s hard for Daddy and me to believe that our baby boy is going to start high school in the fall. I know you’re excited. You’ve watched all your older siblings enjoy their high school years, and you’re looking forward to many of the same experiences. Your dad and I are looking forward to all of that too. We know from experience that parenting high school kids can be a whole lot of fun.

On the other hand, we also know that these years won’t always be easy–for you or for us. And just in case you are counting on the old adage that the youngest gets away with more because his parents are just too tired to care, let me set you straight.

Daddy and I are not now, nor will we ever, EVER,  be too tired to care about what you’re up to. The good news is that our many years of parenting teenagers have taught us a thing or two. One of those things is that it’s better for…

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