9 Signs My Boys Are Back in Town


Let me start by saying I love my four boys. They bring me immense joy, hours of laughter, strengthen my soul, and deepen my understanding of unconditional love. But lately? Well some days, I prefer my cat.

The two middle children returned home after mandatory college closures brought them here to finish their semester. Oh, what fun, I thought. Just think how great the extra time with them will be, I thought. And while board games and bonfires were plentiful the first week, it all quickly faded into what has now become a strange little sitcom.

Being the only female in a household of 5 men has its challenges under normal circumstances. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that being back together has brought to the forefront observations I can’t escape or explain.

Being the only woman in a house of 5 men can be challenging. (Twenty20 @klovestorun)

Nine Ways I Know My Boys Are…

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