7 Best Programs to Teach Your Child to Read


Whether we like it or not, many families have recently begun the transition from public school to educating our children at home. For some of us, this transition will (likely) be temporary. But for others of us, learning at home will become a new and exciting way of life. Regardless of which camp you’re in when it comes to at-home education, we parents always want to do our best to educate our children. Many of us don’t feel fully equipped to handle such an important task, however, and can use all the resources we can get!

One of the earliest ways we educate our young children is by teaching them how to read. Reading is the most fundamental area of education. Teaching a child to read will set them up for a lifetime of learning. If you are a parent who is looking to help your child learn to read, these seven programs are some of the best (and most successful) you can use.

7 Best…

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