6 Steps for Learning to Be Playful With Your Kids


6 Steps for Learning to Be Playful With Your Kids

I’m not “the fun mom.” It’s just not my personality. I’ve always been a fairly serious person by nature (or nurture, who knows). I just don’t find I am naturally inclined to be playful with my kids. My husband, on the other hand, easily filled the role of “the fun dad.” When he and my 5-year-old get together, it’s like an episode of The Three Stooges (someone, save me).

When my kiddo was a baby, I had no problems engaging with her in playful ways: bouncing her on my knees, singing her songs, playing peek-a-boo. As she grew into toddlerhood, a few of those things carried over, but she became more interested in pretend play. We would pretend to go grocery shopping with her squishy IKEA food. We would pretend to take a tram through the zoo – with all her stuffed animals lined up around the room. And we would enact…

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