6 Best Apps for Instagram Stories


Apps for Instagram Stories: Best Photo and Video editing apps

Instagram stories have taken over the world with a storm. While more than 1billion people use Instagram every month, did you know that 500Million people use Instagram stories daily? Yes, you read it right, 500Mn daily! And these figures are only expected to grow with the way Instagram stories are driving engagements and giving an opportunity for a quick showcase.

Short videos, beautiful filters, Image collages, animations, Instagram stories now look so much better. If you’re the one using Instagram, don’t you agree? Your morning becomes all the more pleasant watching calm yet visually appeasing stories of the accounts you admire. And this has become more easier today, due to the availability of so many different types of tools.

Being an Influencer myself (follow me on Instagram), I feel the need for creating soothing stories that strike the minds and hearts of my followers. While the app store shows you lots of options, here are some 6 apps that I love personally and have been using to create more engaging Instagram stories.

Best apps for Instagram Stories to edit your photos and videos:

1. StoryArt:

This was the first app I started to use for my Instagram stories. I need to vouch that undoubtedly, this is one of the highly-rated (4.8 stars) Instagram Story apps. With a very simple interface, it has ample templates in its repository basis the theme you choose. All you need to do is add on your Image/shot video/Boomerang/text in the preset template, customize it and you’re ready to go!

Not just the templates, it also has myriad options when it comes to designs. For the text, there are many fonts, sizes, colors, and various design effects, animations that you can choose from.

Certainly, it has a paid feature (StoryArt Pro) in the form of subscriptions (Monthly, Yearly) or even one-time purchase options for exclusive themes. If you have StoryArt Pro, believe me, you’re all sorted! Also, there are frequent new themes additions as well.

The app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

2. VSCO:

With 50Mn+ downloads, VSCO is not just an advanced Photo editing app, it is also a Creators community. Even the free version of VSCO has plenty of editing features, like retro-style classic filters. Not just filters, there are many editing tools and effects available for Instagram post and Instagram stories as well.

Further, it is also a community wherein people share their classy images for inspiration and you can also follow and connect with them as a community.

VSCO Pro features come with a complete library of 200+ presets advanced Photo and Video editing tools, and Photo challenges too. But compared to other apps, you might find VSCO as an advanced app and might take some time to understand the basic functioning.

You can download this best Photo and Video editing app for free from iOS and Android

3. Unfold:

Another great app for Instagram Stories is Unfold. Rated at 4.6 stars on Playstore, it certainly acts as a beautiful app acting as an Instagram Story editor. The templates available helps you create quick and classy Instagram stories. Though in the Free version, there are just 25 templates, you can unlock many templates in their paid version.

Their collage templates are one, which I absolutely love. With options like minimal layouts, texts and fonts options, filters, It gives your stories a beautiful smooth finish. You can mix a video and photo in the same story to create a better impact. If you wish, you can also opt for the subscription of Unfold+

You can Download Unfold from iOS or Android

4. InShot:

Well, InShot is not just for your Instagram Stories, but it is the best video editing app if you are not using iMovies. Since here we are talking about Instagram stories, once you download Inshot, don’t forget to set the ratio to 9:16 (from Canvas section)for an apt story size Canvas.

It has numerous editing options ranging from pre-made templates, filters, blur options, stickers, text, collage options too!

Though the base app is Free to use, Inshot Pro video editor comes with Music, meme, emoji’s, slideshows, too!

The app can be downloaded for both iOS or Android

But Inshot is more of a highly rated Video editing app for Instagram.

5. Canva:

Canva is not just a tool for Instagram stories, but you can get a myriad of Free Templates for every social media, right from FB post, Tumbler header, Instagram Post and Story, What’s app story, YouTube Channel Art and almost everything.

All you need to do is upload your image or videos, and choose the template, and jazz it up the way you want with various fonts, stickers, and a lot more. When I started blogging, the only tool I used was Canva.  It’s a power-packed tool, with more than 60k templates, 1 million+ background photos, frames to choose from. With a rating of 4.7 stars and 50m+ downloads, it is a perfect app for graphics.

You can download the app both from iOS or Android or even use its web version.

6. Over:

With 1mn+ downloads, and 4.6 star rating, I like to use “Over App” for Overlaying graphics, texts on Images and videos to give your Instagram story sheer classy touch.

It has a good range of templates, stickers, backgrounds with lots of font styling options to create a catchy story/ Post.

It comes with a subscription to Over Pro to unlock more templates and features.

You can download Over from iOS or Android

Conclusion: Best apps for Instagram Stories

These apps are getting a boost with every download and why not! After all, they help you make your Instagram stories stand out and grab the audience’s attention. Get more creative and showcase your soothing side with these apps for Instagram Stories.

Have you used any of these apps for Instagram Stories?

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