51 Things I’ve Learned as a Mom


When my kids were little I used to think to myself, “this just can’t get any harder than this.” Fast forward more than a decade later and I’ve realized something – boy was I wrong!

Raising teens is hard work! I still lose sleep over them, I still have days when I’m absolutely exhausted and they completely wear me out, and I still worry all the time – just for different reasons.

The past decade has been an education not only for my kids but also for me as I navigate my way day-by-day to help them become compassionate, hard-working, productive adults in society. And, throughout the endless triumphs and challenges we’ve endured, I’ve seen and heard just about everything (well… almost everything). Not surprisingly, I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way – little teen (and parent) “isms” you might say that perhaps only a parent of a teenager would truly…

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