50 Questions to Answer First


Stop. Slide that credit card back in your wallet and set down that dorm room shopping laundry list. Yes, you are facing the mother of all back-to-school shops. And, yes it seems like your freshman needs a million expensive things.

But before you wander through the endless (and, we promise you, they are endless) aisles of plastic underbed storage containers, laundry baskets and Twin XL sheets, take a look at these 50 questions.

Then, fix a snack for your off-to-college teen, sit down and try to tackle these together. Open your laptop and drill down on the college website to the “Student Housing” section to see what you can discover.  Look for the specific dorm your teen has been assigned to and take note of the room dimensions and any specifics provided.

One warning, as you go through these questions, college will begin to seem very, very real.

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