5 Reasons to Send Your College Kid Back to Campus Even if Classes Are Online


The last few weeks have seen my college junior’s class schedule changing daily. No, the changes aren’t because he is adding and dropping classes because of indecisiveness. Rather, as the very large state public university he attends is beginning the daunting task of deciding which classes will be taught remotely and which ones will be offered in person, his schedule is still in flux.

At first, when all of his classes were listed with a room and building number, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then, suddenly, only a couple of his classes were designated online only. The following day all five of his classes said “remote” next to them, and with a panicked voice, he asked if that meant he would have to stay home for the fall semester instead of returning to campus. I didn’t hesitate for one second in replying, “Nope! You are 100% moving back to campus this fall, even if…

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