5 Easy Science Experiments for Kids


Science Experiments for Kids

As we raise creative kids, giving them ample opportunity to explore, innovate and express is quite imperative. And amongst this, Science experiments for kids do full justice to amaze them. You can expect my love for Science, being a science student throughout! For younger ones, it is like some magic (and yes they will also have some fun messing around. For the older ones, it is a perfect setting to learn the concepts practically, while they experiment!

As we are homebound during these days of #lockdown, we have been doing some fun experiments together. Though my son is too young to understand the concepts, for him it is like a play, which he is enjoying! 

5-minutes DIY Science Experiments for Kids at home:

Watch this video for some easy 5-mins experiments which you can do easily while at home with kids.


1. Dancing Spiders/ Racing Snakes:

More than an…

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