5 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for an Easy & Memorable Hunt!


If you’re a parent who likes to plan fun traditions, try these Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for an easy hunt to remember!

One thing I always knew I wanted to do was to have family traditions. We’re a busy family, so our traditions also have to be pretty easy to put together and keep going each year. We’ve been doing an Easter Egg Hunt since Weston’s first Easter. He couldn’t hunt on his own but we still hid some Easter eggs and helped him hunt.

It’s been a tradition in our family since we became a family because I keep it pretty simple.

We’ve partnered with Spin Master to share some Easter Egg Hunt Ideas that make it easy to plan a fun time for the kids!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

If you ask your kids if they want to have an Easter Egg Hunt, you’re going to get a positive reaction. I’ve seen how even the adults in our family love a good hunt!

So it’s a great tradition to start…

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