40 Exciting At-Home Activities for Pregnancy


Whether you are a homebody by nature or just looking for a diverting activity to keep things fresh, these 40 at-home activities for pregnancy will keep the mind, body, and soul invigorated – in all the right ways!

Of course, don’t try to do the whole list. Read the post, notice 2-3 that catch your attention, and plan for one activity just for today. One day at a time, mamas.

40 Exciting At-Home Activities for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most creative things a woman can do. For 40 weeks her body busily makes new and unique life –  it’s truly a miracle!

Because of this, many pregnant women find that their desire to create, explore, and connect intensifies. While finding an at-home activities for pregnancy, notice if the activities you find appealing give a nod to your creative side.

1. Plan a Stay-at-Home Babymoon

It’s not uncommon for new parents to go on a babymoon before…

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