30 Things They Can Do Alone or With the Family


We all know that teenagers are social animals. This is the time in their lives when they begin to really pull away from us, and attach more with their peers. It’s a natural phase of development that prepares them for adulthood. As they move towards independence, their peer relationships help define their identities. During the teen years, these relationships are often more important to them than those with family. That is why social distancing is so hard for teenagers. 

Being apart from friends makes social distancing painful for teens. (Twenty20 @christinesmitth)

Prior to a few days ago, they spent nearly all of their time with peers. The few awake hours spent at home were in their room, either doing homework or continuing to connect with peers online. From school, to practice, to rehearsal, to work, they were with their peers. Now they’re stuck at home with us. This is a drastic…

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