3 Hints for Parents Working at Home


Two families reach out to Janet for help because they are struggling to get work done at home. Separating from their young children causes whining, crying and tantrums, which in turn interrupts and frustrates the parents. One parent writes: ”My son has significant tantrums about why daddy has to work… I really can’t take the tantrums anymore every time he sees or hears him.” With so many parents at home these days trying to navigate this dynamic, Janet offers 3 suggestions for how they can communicate respectfully with their children and help to establish boundaries.

Transcript of “3 Hints for Parents Working at Home”

Hi, this is Janet Lansbury. Welcome to Unruffled. Today, I’m going to offer some ideas to help make working at home work better. I’ve received several questions about this recently, and I know that working at home is in…

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