25 Adorable Coming Home Outfits for Baby


25 Adorable Coming Home Outfits for Baby

It was literally a 15-minute drive home from the hospital. But during both pregnancies, I spent days deciding what outfit would be just the right thing to introduce my daughters to the world. For many babies, the coming home outfit is the first “real” clothing they will put on. It is also likely to be shared across social media celebrating the big moment of leaving the cocoon of the hospital and entering the real world. It makes sense then that many moms-to-be put a little extra thought and planning into the iconic outfit.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to. Bringing a baby home from the hospital is a joyous (albeit slightly terrifying) time for new parents. The outfit they are wearing is not going to make or break the experience. There are, however, some key things to keep in mind when planning your newborn’s coming home…

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