22 hilarious posts by millennials and Gen Z making fun of each other


It’s not the first generation war and it won’t be the last, but the battle between Gen Z and the millennials is pretty freaking funny. Don’t take it personally, just enjoy the ride.

A war has been raging on social media, and the stakes are higher than the waistbands of our favourite jeans. Millennials have attracted the distaste of Gen Z, who made their feelings about the generation more than clear on TikTok last summer, slamming our style, hobbies and general personalities. In a nutshell, the ’90s kids are Harry Potter-loving quasi-adults who wear skinny jeans, part their hair on the side, pride themselves in their adulting and can’t function without their coffee and wine. Oh, and they suck at social media and use the laugh emoji, which is brutally uncool apparently. Sound familiar?

@.theresa.jonesIm keeping it all 😂#guessimoldnow #middlepart…

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