2020 High School Graduation Gifts for Guys. They Will Love These!


Do you have a senior in your home? While you’re busy saying final goodbyes and getting ready for the big day, we hope you’ll take a moment to look at these ideas for high school graduation gifts for guys.

Shopping for grad gifts for girls? Here are some of our favorite ones for the young women in your life. 

We have gathered the suggestions for books and gifts from Grown and Flown Parents and you can find them all in our  G&F Amazon shop.  

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High School Graduation Gifts for Guys

Rain Jacket

Your son is very likely going to be at a school where it will rain and, very possibly, it will rain quite a bit. He will need a rain jacket to make the long walk across campus for classes. This Columbia jacket comes in dozens of sizes and colors, is highly-rated, durable, affordable, and super popular.

Shinola Watch

Giving your son a Shinola Watch will be giving him a gift that he will treasure for life. This watch has a solid stainless steel case, a top grade leather band, and a sapphire crystal cover (highly scratch-resistant material) that will protect the movement of the hands. Arrives in a keepsake box that will safely store this expensive grad gift.

Shinola watch

Timex Watch

A much less costly alternative to the Shinola is a Timex watch. There are hundreds of models to choose from in this iconic brand but we think this one, the “Expedition,” is a good pick. It has a ten year battery life, is water resistant up to 100 meters and has the Timex-trademarked Indiglo backlit face making it easy to tell time in the dark – without reaching for a phone.

Timex watch

Handheld Steamer

My son loves this steamer that he borrowed from a roommate for graduation and only wishes he had taken one to school with him as freshmen.
handheld steamer
“Roommate-Cancelling” Headphones 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are among the most highly-rated for wireless over-the-ear headphones. Dorms and roommates are noisy and can be disruptive to sleep and study. These would make a generous and very helpful gift next fall.

noise cancelling headphones

A much less expensive option, and one that is also highly-regarded by the reviewers, are these wireless headphones by Anker. 

Anker headphones

T-Shirt Quilt

Ordering a quilt from Project Repat is one of our favorite grad gifts as there is nothing that is more personal than a blanket stitched from memories. Take all the shirts from camps, class days, family trips, camp and teams and ship them to Project Repat – they do the rest.

Now! Receive a FREE Grown and Flown book when you order your Project Repat quilt by March 31, 2020 when you click on the drop down menu saying you heard about Project Repat from Grown and Flown.

T-shirt quilt

Dorm Bed Tray

One of the very big differences in dorm rooms from bedrooms is the lack of a bedside table. This tray clips on the edge of a dorm bed and serves the purpose of a nightstand – store a phone, water bottle, glasses and whatever book your son was reading when it was time to go to bed.

dorm bed tray


Admiral McRaven put into print the commencement address he gave at the University of Austin in 2014 that quickly went viral. In Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World, McRaven shares 10 principles to success that he learned in Navy Seal training, as well as stories from his life and interactions with leaders in the service. McRaven’s collection of little things that make a big difference will inspire and give hope to new graduates. Applicable to all young people, this book makes a terrific graduation gift.

Make Your Bed

Practical Advice

The closest thing to a “college instruction manual” is the bestselling book, Naked Roommate. Author Harlan Cohen has been in the college-advice business since he was a student himself and stays current by visiting college campuses and talking to kids and administrators all over the country. This is a book your son can keep on the shelf and refer to often about ANY questions he has in college, including a “naked roommate.”

Naked roommate

IKEA Blue Bag

We cannot say enough great things about these bags. They are our #1 recommendation for you move-in and move-out, for ALL FOUR YEARS. They are durable and inexpensive, especially compared with luggage. Your son can store bulky bedding or off season clothes in one of these bags during the school year. If you want to add to the gift, fill it with new towels and laundry detergent to encourage him to remember to get to the laundry room from time to time!

 IKEA blue bag

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Your son will love having Alexa as his Virtual Assistant to check scores, the weather, order a pizza or an Uber, help with homework, sleep-inducing sounds….the possibilities are endless. (Note: Alexa has privacy controls that disconnects the microphone.)

Echo dot

Microwave Pasta Pot

Dining room food gets old, fast, and having the ability to easily make a snack in a microwave with minimal fuss will be appreciated this fall when your son is at college.  This microwavable pot makes cooking pasta a breeze.  Add water, pasta, stick in the microwave, cook, drain the water and eat up!

microwave dish

Yeti Tumbler

If your son is a coffee drinker and wants to sip on a cup that remains hot FOR HOURS, the Yeti is for him. It is stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation which means that cold drinks stay cold for hours, too.  Available in the iconic stainless or now, in 20 vibrant hues, look for one that matches your son’s new college colors.

yeti tumbler

Dorm Safe

For a wallet, passport, meds or other valuables, we like the Sentry Compact Safe since it’s small and has a cable that can be looped around a heavy piece of furniture.

sentry safe

Tool Set

The Cartman 39-Piece Tool Set is an inexpensive and complete set of tools that your son can use in his dorm this year and in apartments in his future.

High school graduation gifts for guys

Herschel Wallet

This is an upgrade to a more adult style of carrying money and cards. It is super-thin, durable, affordable and can easily slide into a jeans pocket. They are available in 16 different color combinations.


Timberland Men’s Waterproof Boot

If your kid is going to school in a cold climate, don’t wait to buy him a good pair of boots as popular sizes and styles can sell out. These are classics.

Timberland boots

UE (Ultimate Ears) Bluetooth Speaker 

We are kind of in love with these bluetooth speakers for their design and colors, and REALLY love the durability – waterproof and dust proof will be important to maintain the life expectancy of these great sources of wireless sound.

UE wireless speakers

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Water bottles that keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold will be a welcome addition to the dorm shopping list for freshmen. Hydro Flask is one of our favorites.

Hydro Flask

More Grad Gifts for Guys: What They Need in the Dorm

Looking for high school graduation gifts for guys that a college-bound kid will definitely use this fall? Read 10 Things All Freshmen Need to Bring to College and consider some of these suggestions, all good, all different price points.

1. Twin XL Sheets… Amazon Basics

2. Bed Topper 

3. Mattress Encasement…AllerEase brand for mattress and pillow encasements

4. Pillows…Down Alternative or Goose Feather and Down Pillow

5. Laundry hamper…Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper

6. First Aid Kit

7. Shower Caddy…Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy

8. Towels…Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

9. Surge Protector…Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports

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