20 Books to Read Aloud to Your Kids This Summer


20 Books to Read Aloud to Your Kids This Summer

It is a well-known fact that a child starts learning from the day it is born. In fact, from the time they’re born until age 5, a child learns at a speed that is unmatched for the rest of his life! What you, as a parent, do during that critical developmental time period to help your child learn will set him up for even more success later in life. And one of the most beneficial ways you can help your child learn is to read aloud to him or her every day.

Why It’s Important to Read Aloud to Young Children

Even as an infant, a child will learn by looking at pictures in a book. They learn language and vocabulary from listening to you say words and the way you say them. Although parents will naturally build their child’s vocabulary by talking to them, studies show that reading to children is much more effective. In fact, one study…

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