17 Items to Take Care of Before Your Student Leaves for College


With many colleges opening in August parents are once again getting prepared for drop-off day. You may be thinking about what to buy for their dorm room or what to say to them as you leave, but we want to touch on a few practical matters you should consider before you drive away. Not all of these are relevant to all families, and many are personal choice, but here are a few things to consider. 

Here are the things to take care of before your teen leaves for college. (Twenty20 @tjs_bcangel)

What to do before your freshman leaves home for college

  1. Documents to allow parents access to medical records. Once our teens turn 18 their medical information is protected for their own privacy (see HIPPA). In some families this is fine. In other families parents and teens agree that parents may need access to some or all records. Read about the documents you should consider signing here.
  2. A way to…

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