16 of the Most Important Things Our Teens Might Not Know, But Should


As parents, we experience many palm-to-face moments when we ask ourselves how is it possible that they don’t know how to do THAT????

Parents often tell us that, they are worried that their teens don’t know how to do the mundane, everyday tasks that seem like second nature to us.

We ask ourselves, how is it possible they don’t know how to??? (Twenty20 @maginnis)

16 items that we need to review with our teens:

  • That beep on the phone that you are ignoring is called “call waiting” and it means that someone else who is equally excited about talking to you is trying to get through. Click the flash to get back and forth between callers or ignore it at your peril. 
  • That strange intermittent blaring sound you hear when you call someone on a landline is a busy signal, it means they are on the phone with another caller, and they don’t know you are calling. I know, you will have to dial…

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