12 Things We’ve Never Said at Drop Off Before That We Must Say This Year


Every year, right before college drop-off, we parents fret that we have forgotten to tell our kids the really important stuff.

Well, because 2020 is different in a million ways, here are some things that you need to know for this year and we hope and pray, for this year alone.

Here is what we need to tell our kids THIS YEAR at college drop off.

Kids, before you head out, listen up:

  1. We’ve never been fans of drinking or drugs but it’s especially important to not get stupid this year. Indulging lowers your inhibitions and in this pandemic-age, vigilance is what will keep you safe. It also weakens your immune system which might be the one thing standing between you and a trip to the infirmary.
  2. You know how we told you to prop your dorm door open so that you can meet your dorm mates. Well for this year, close your door. You don’t need to slam it but everyone understands why your door…

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