10 Ways to Throw a Fun Co-ed Baby Shower


Nowadays, including dad in the baby shower fun is the cool thing to do, right? I personally think it is, I mean without them, we technically wouldn’t be here expecting a little one on the way! That’s why I wanted to share these 10 ways to throw a fun co-ed baby shower!

First things first, make sure dad actually wants to be included. Some dads truly feel like baby showers are a women-only event, so if it’s just not their thing, don’t force them into it!

10 Ways to Throw a Fun Co-ed Baby Shower

1. Figure out the baby shower guest list together

My husband and I are actually in the middle of planning our 2nd co-ed baby shower (although this one will be much smaller), but one of the most fun we have is sorting out our guest list. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s literally another way for us to spend some quality time together or what, but we enjoy it!

So, ask the dad-to-be…

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