10 Ways Parents Can Help Their College Freshmen Prepare For Dorm Emergencies


Our SUV pulled out fully packed at 6a.m. this past Saturday, and by late afternoon we were returning home both physically and emotionally spent. Our daughter’s dorm move-in went great; still, it was quiet at home without her. I fell asleep that night with my iPhone under my pillow and the unfamiliar discomfort of knowing our daughter wouldn’t be safely sleeping under our roof.

The following night we gathered with other parents of new freshman at Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. As the Dean welcomed us, storm alerts began sounding from iPhones across the room. Quickly silenced, the Arizona natives in the audience were unbothered, as we are used to the Monsoon season in the valley.

Dust, high winds, and heavy rains arrive in Arizona during the hottest period of summer. Monsoon season can be as violent as hurricanes or tornadoes across the country, often knocking…

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