10 Tips For Your Freshman [Photos]


With a summer of planning, shopping and endless list making ahead- there is no reason why your soon to be college freshman can’t tackle the work! I admit that as we prepped for college last summer I imagined it all to be a bonding experience. However, as freshman move in came closer last fall, our perspectives grew further apart.

Inwardly, I was emotional, tired and not super eager to pack. My daughter, however, was excited, anxious and counting the days. I was torn between wanting her to enjoy her last summer at home and wanting her to share the workload.

I decided action would be the best approach. So I got busy… and made THIS list. Here is how we did it, and how you can too.  Here is your jumpstart how-to to get your soon to be college freshman moving!

There’s no reason your college freshman can’t handle the task of packing for college. (Example: @TatianaMara via Twenty20)

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