10 Tips for Homeschooling While Working From Home


10 Tips for Homeschooling While Working From Home

Homeschooling while working from home is a challenge that many of us parents never wanted. Yet, here we are, quarantined with our kids and doing our best to get things done. No matter whether you love it or hate it, when all of this is said and done, we will all have a whole new appreciation for the teachers in our schools!

Keep in mind that what we are doing right now is not really homeschooling. This is isolation schooling, and it’s not fun for anyone. Normal homeschooling involves co-ops, field trips, and social gatherings with friends. But normal homeschooling also does not mean rigorous schedules and hours of learning. Nor should it now! Kids can learn in many different ways and it’s not always about school subjects like math, reading, and science. Most kids learn best through play, whether it’s free play or structured…

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