10 Red Flags It’s Not the Right Babysitter


10 Red Flags It’s Not the Right Babysitter

In late August last year, I needed to hire a babysitter quickly, so that I could start some work I had fallen behind on. I also needed some personal time and self-care. In the past, I had hired some wonderful babysitters who worked for us diligently and did a fantastic job. But those gals had gone off to college, or gotten work full-time and were no longer available. So when I found myself in sudden need of childcare, I rushed the process. Instead of taking the time to select someone excellent to care for my babies, I settled for a mediocre choice. Although there were several red flags about this particular young woman I should have paid attention to, at the time I was desperate. I ignored them.

Thankfully the results were not disastrous, but all the same I wish I had chosen someone…

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