10 Reasons Playing Outside is Better Than Toys


Come on. Admit it. When the kids are not home, you do it too. There’s a certain thrill and satisfaction that comes with throwing away some of the plastic junk that constantly litters the floor, knowing that the kids will never miss it. Birthdays, holidays, and random trips to Target or the local thrift store can create piles of toys for the kids to sort through and manage. Then there’s the whole “I have to have it or I will die” scenario that is quickly replaced with “I played with it for one day and now it’s boring.” It’s a never-ending cycle. But one that could be ended if we focused more on our kids playing outside more.

Why Playing Outside Beats Playing With Toys

Toys. Love them or hate them, there is a better way for children to entertain themselves. It may sound strange, but playing outside is better than any toy money can buy.

1. Playing outside involves all…

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