10 Pieces of Advice From a Dog to His College Boy


The morning you are leaving your home to deliver a child to start college, is never a calm and peaceful endeavor. Whether you are getting into a car for an hour drive, a six-hour drive, or a 20-minute trip to an airport, where you’ll then board a plane – your car is jammed pack full of baggage:  both the physical and emotional kind.

The morning of college drop off

Coffee must be guzzled, perhaps a protein bar thrown into a backpack, and a double checking of apps to make sure boarding passes or Google maps are downloaded, and phones are fully charged.

With the unpredictability of both dorm move-in chaos and traffic, we agreed that Bailey, our energetic coonhound, would be much better off spending the very long day and evening with Heather, a true dog-whisperer who had become our friend, and go-to expert on all things canine, since we had adopted our family pet a few years ago.


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