10 Commandments of Dorm Shopping


Outfitting a dorm room might be just one more shopping trip if it weren’t so imbued with expense, confusion and nostalgia. It is so easy to get so much wrong and wind up having wasted both time and money. We gathered our cadre of experienced moms and offer up these 10 Commandments, okay “guidelines,” to help parents just embarking on the college journey. We would love to hear any dorm shopping tips that have worked for your family.

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Follow these rules for dorm shopping. (Twenty20 @shr_cx)

 10 Commandments of Dorm Shopping

1. Do Not Pay Full Price

Under no circumstances, at any time, should parents pay full price for dorm room items.Before you do ANY dorm shopping, download Honey – it will instantly find coupon codes and the best deals for…

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