10 Best Toys for Outdoor Play


10 Best Toys for Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is so important for kids of all ages. Outdoor play provides essential sunshine and exercise for healthy growing kids. It also helps kids learn important life skills like executive function, risk-taking, and socialization. Outdoor play also allows kids to learn about and appreciate nature, which is sadly a skill that is becoming far less common these days.

Outdoor play is also important for parents who are needing a bit of a break from the noise and chaos of kids in the house all day! Whether you have a small budget or a small fortune to spend creating an outdoor wonderland, these 10 toys are some of the best you can buy for serious fun outdoor play.

10 Best Toys for Outdoor Play

Water Balloons

A favorite for all ages. These balloons come in a pack that you hook up to your hose, fill up, and they self-seal! Brilliant!


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